Designing cohesive branding for an annual donor gala

Toronto Public Library Foundation


Biblio Bash is an annual gala produced by the Toronto Public Library Foundation that raises funds for the Library. Donations have a resounding impact on those who rely on Toronto Public Library’s programs, services and spaces. Held at the iconic Toronto Reference Library, this event is one of the most exclusive and highly anticipated gatherings for book lovers in the city, drawing a diverse crowd of avid readers, authors, and bibliophiles from all walks of life.

This year’s Biblio Bash marks the 8th donor event we’ve supported including Hush Hush. We work together with the Foundation to bring the event aesthetic to life through digital and print assets and across all touchpoints before, during, and after the event.

Toronto Public Library Foundation

The aesthetic of Biblio Bash changes year to year, and the first step to creating an impactful event is to establish its unique visual identity. Working with the event architects, we take their initial inspiration for the theme of the event and create the identity including colour palette, font system, patterns, graphic elements, and layouts.

In 2023, the event was inspired by The Beverly Hills Hotel. Each design decision was informed by this theme and helped us transform Toronto Reference Library into “The Biblio Hotel”. With unique branding elements like the custom Biblio Bash crest, and intentional pattern usage, we created a completely immersive experience for guests through cohesive brand design.

We supported the Toronto Public Library Foundation in creating an unforgettable experience for attendees with over 300 assets .

In 2023, Biblio Bash raised over $1,000,000 for TPL’s highest priority needs, a new record.

Check out last year’s event.

Event photography by George Pimentel.

Bare Brand brought some of their best work to the table at this year’s Biblio Bash – original ideas, clear project management, timely turnarounds and a polished final delivery. At each touchpoint, our guests were surprised and delighted by the theme and special details.

Emily Connell

Manager, Events & Donor Engagement,
Toronto Public Library Foundation

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